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Srđan Arsić – “Pop Art One Day Only”

October 11 / October 27, 2018

Predigerplatz 42, 8001 Zurich

About Exhibition

Appropriation of everyday objects, as well as their incorporation into works of art, is the procedure characteristic for the generation of pop-art artists. However, they were not the only ones. Famous example of transposing a regular object into the high art is the work “Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp. Many artists of the post-war generation were inspired by his achievements in the field of art. Among them was Jasper Jones. His work “Bronze sculpture” represents the crucial a tipping point in modern art, that which paved the way of success for pop-art movement.

Srdjan Arsic has curious and intuitive approach to themes, that usually arise from pop culture. This kind of approach brings author to the paradoxical solutions. His works are above all interesting, unexpected and imaginative. He builds his visual language in an urban model, which is characteristic for the street art of metropolises. His manner is close to the pop culture, and he transmits it into elite one in a fantastic way, analyzing the hieroglyphs of our modern age. Therefore, it is not surprising that Arsic is focused, among other things, on the packagings, to which he gives new value, durability and sense.

Geometric forms of industrial packaging become artistic objects abstracted through the monolithic material, however preserved to the last detail and faithful to their prosaic model.  Srdjan brings us to the border between current and eternal, expensive and worthless, simple and sublime. As observers, Srdjan is keeping us in the moment of this encounter, pointing, through his artistic expression, to the relativity of each of these concepts. In a very successful way he is reshaping something transient and consumable, into eternal works of art.

 Srdjan Arsic was born in Belgrade in 1978. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2002 at the Faculty of Fine arts in Belgrade. He is expressing himself in graphics, painting and sculpture. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions from 2003 until present day. Among the awards he received for his work the following stand out: Award on Concurso internacional de Ex libris, 50th aniversario estrado de Israel in Buenos Aires in 1998; Golden chisel in 2003. He participated in many artistic colonies as well as symposiums.