Ivan Šuletić | GaraPerun

Ivan Šuletić

May 11 / June 2, 2018

About Exhibition

Ivan Šuletić’s works are rooted in the artist’s research of concepts of space, place, identity, as well as phenomena of local political history.

His practice includes painting, drawing, installation and video, among other media.

Paintings and drawings from his Cityscape series are organized structures, generated through the process the artist calls “citysampling”, a process similar to the practices common in the field of electronic music. Through repeating a “citysample”, an image cropped out from found jpeg files, he generates a spatial structure in such a way that it becomes a distopian cityview.

The main counterpoint of Šuletić’s Cityscape series is the relation between the painted/drawn image, derived from the digital tools for manipulating pictures, and the painting/drawing process which is, in its basis, very classical, and connected to the long history of landscape painting in european culture.

Ivan Šuletić (1982) is a visual artist, living and working in Belgrade. In 2007 he completed MA studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and in 2015 a PhD in Fine Arts at the Painting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He has exhibited internationally on many solo and group exhibitions, and his works are included in several private and public collections.


The exhibition “Cityscape”, at Gara Perun gallery is his first solo exhibition in Switzerland.