Interstate by Gorana Bačevac | GaraPerun

Interstate by Gorana Bačevac

November 5 / November 18, 2018

About Exhibition

Gara Perun is pleased to present Interstate by Gorana Bačevac. Stemming from a body of work the artist has created in the last years, these artworks represent a direction in her practice, going toward more experimental working process.

Gorana Bačevac is a visual artist from Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of sculpture. Currently, she is living in Belgrade and working on different commissioned and private projects.

In her work, Gorana is exploring the spatial connections of everyday objects, analyzing how the is viewer’s perception of these objects constantly changing, depending on the context.

Defining who we are is always shaped by our own definitions of others, meaning that defining ourselves is only possible through some kind of boundaries. In that interstate is where the artist works, creating a physical space which emphasizes these universal emotions.

Her approach to sculpting, drawing and painting is shaped by intrinsic motivations in which she tries to find a universal language of communicating. Often, her works can be perceived as a response to our own stand towards technology and its influence on society in general. Gorana is interested in results she could get by mixing opposite things – pixels and ceramics, everyday objects and concrete materials.