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Aleksandar Vac – Reproduction (Cell Division)

April 12 / May 5, 2018

About Exhibition

Aleksandar Vac was born in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia in 1973. He graduated from the Department of Ceramics at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where he lives and works. Vac has participated in many national and international exhibitions and has been the recipient of many awards. His work combines the ancient technique of terra sigillata with a modern approach to form.

In the works shown at the exhibition “Reproduction (Cell Division)”, Aleksandar is processing themes of sexual reproduction, cell division, multiplication, replication, mutation and theme of spreading. His works are researching these themes in the multiple layers. On the one hand he is researching the human natural need for the survival, and on the other the need of contemporary society for spreading, conquering the territories, market and resources.

Aleksandar Vac is addressing these existential themes by researching the inwardness and characteristics of the matter itself. Artist is doing that by reshaping the matter in the various organic forms like cocoons, pebbles, with firm membrane that is smooth outside, almost like a mirror, while the inside remains vulnerable, unprotected, like cut tissue, that reveals its vivid inwardness.