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Vladislava Savic


Vladislava Savic was born 1984 in Yugoslavia, Communist Utopia that was established after World War II. When she was still a kid, her homeland was violently disassembled into a small pieces, six “independent” countries that are still struggling to establish their own identity.

Her hometown is located at 43°5134N 19°5042. A place where opposites meet and clash: East vs. West — Communism vs. Capitalism , conflicting political beliefs and social Systems.

The constant change and teetering stability of Vladislava’s physical surroundings shaped her as an artist, feeding her curiosity. Consequently, she has learned to create a “state” of her own. Her work is a living paradox, which is invaluable in today’s modern polarity.

She captures her universe on canvases, collages, and drawings — all of which contain buildings from her close, physical surroundings. Real space architecture is melted into her own perception of reality.

Currently lives and works in Zürich

Selected works