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Slobodan Đuričković Ćako


Slobodan Đuričković Ćako was born in 1943 in Montenegro. He graduated from the Academy for Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1972. He worked 38 years at Faculty of Applied Arts and Design as assistant and professor.

Slobodan Đuričković Ćako lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. He is expressing himself with the language of pure painting. Art based on the elementary assets of a painting: colours, surfaces, spots, masses, composition relations and variations of light qualities. His painting is reduced to its entity, it is cleaned from all “the foreign ingredients”: narration, description, illustration, decoration. In the most cases paintings are reduced to the flat surface, in the most modern sense – there is no spatial depth or depth imitation as the last recognizable trace of the order of things in the real world



Selected works