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Nataša Kokić


Nataša Kokić was born in Belgrade, Serbia 1979.  She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, department for Painting, Belgrade in 2005. Awarded with Magister of Arts degree from the Faculty in May 2010. Currently she is working on her PhD thesis. She lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia and Oslo, Norway.

Using atomism, ethics and history of observing heavens Nataša wants to tell a story of society using metaphors. She wants to develop large scale works on paper that will reflect ancient attitude and contemporary potential of personal autonomy. As a connection between determinism and free will, Nataša wants to ask questions about how much we control our lives, how our private history influences the present and how much society effects what we perceive as important. In her works she is trying to do more in depth research into natural philosophy after which works would create a microclimate in which a viewer can be encouraged to change.



Selected works