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Marija Milin


Marija Milin was born in Belgrade, Serbia 1978. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, department for ceramics in Belgrade in 2002.

The technique which Marija uses is stoneware: ceramics burned in the high temperatures and then decorated with metal oxides and glazes. She builds forms by hand; frequently Marija uses a ceramic wheel, and different types of clay. This allows her to create forms inspired by nature, sometimes usable or transposed from vessel.

Her works are result of a research that begun during her studies at department for ceramics at the Faculty of Applied Arts. Technique and materials are common for all the works. Combinations with color is specificity of clay Marija is using. Unevenly defused color in the process of shaping the dishes influences the creation of spiral ornaments in the different shades of black, brown, red and blue on white base.


Selected works