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Art Week in Basel – Exclusive

In honour of the Art Basel Week 2018 Gara Perun is showing you the exclusive selection of Serbian Contemporary Artworks by Slobodan Đuričković Ćako, Aleksandar Vac, Ivan Šuletić and Marija Milin at our Artsy page. To see the works follow the link:

All four artists have their own unique styles. Ćako is a true representative of of the Yugoslav post-war art, in his works he often deals with current political situation in his country or the interpretations of his parents’ stories about the World War II.
On the other hand Ivan Šuletić is complete visual artist. Paintings and drawings from his Cityscape series are organized structures, generated through the process the artist calls “citysampling”, a process similar to the practices common in the field of electronic music. Through repeating a “citysample”, an image cropped out from found jpeg files, he generates a spatial structure in such a way that it becomes a distopian cityview.
Marija Milin and Aleksandar Vac, are excellent ceramists. They do not only give form to clay and stone, but they penetrate deep into the substance of the earth inspired by the findings of important archaeological sites Vinča and Sirmium.