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Vladislava Savic Society Improved

April 5 / May 6, 2019

Predigerplatz 42, 8001 Zürich

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Vladislava Savic Society Improved

Society Improved Architectural tribute to a better life Consumerism defines

Nebojsa Adamovic’s Negative Space

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Vladislava Savic

in artist’s words; For a years now I am trying

Ivan Suletic’s Cartographic Research

There are images that, centuries after they were made, have

Interstate by Gorana Bačevac

Gara Perun is pleased to present Interstate by Gorana Bačevac.

Slobodan Durickovic Cako Slobodan Durickovic Cako

Slobodan Đuričković Ćako – Associative Impressions

Exhibited works testify about exhaustive questioning of relations, compliance and

Srđan Arsić – “Pop Art One Day Only”

Appropriation of everyday objects, as well as their incorporation into

Marko Markovic Marko Markovic

Marko Marković – Volumetric Configurations

Marko Markovic’s works rooted in the proposal of rethinking the